IntroductionComing Home not only has a great story line and a talented cast but it is produced by one production house that is breaking frontiers in the Free State - Badda Pictures.

This post production company specializes in Video Editing, Multimedia DVD presentations, Live DVD Recordings, Music Videos, Short Films, Creating Television Shows, Documentaries and Radio ads.image3

The producer of Coming home,Ramphore Mahlohla, who also happens to be the founder of Badda Pictures is a seasoned videographer with almost a decade of experience under his belt. With broadcasting, filming, editing and training camera crews being his forte, Coming Home is sure to be of a high production quality standard. In their mission statement, Badda Pictures say "...Our vision is to improve the quality of life amongst the youth by providing them with the necessary skills that will create opportunities for them in the Broadcasting and Film industry..."

image2This unambiguous statement is brought to life as half of the cast in the play has never had any form of formal/classical training or theatrical experience, but through the dedication of the production house,talents are being groomed and stars being made.