Coming Home Play

synopsisThis is a thought provoking story of resilience, self-love and finding purpose. With nine intense scenes, Coming Home shows that there will be rainy days before the sunny ones and through all the chaos, there is a higher being that we can always seek and find refuge in.

Coming Home is a story of an old man who shares his day to day struggles and how he finds hope, strength and the will to live.image1

Recited in retrospect, the main character (the old man) breaks down the personal, social and mental and spiritual turmoil that our youth, especially teenagers experiences on a daily basis. However, the twist is how the "old man" uses dance to tell his tales through a group of young people dealing with issues such as depression, rape/sodomy, self acceptance and love to name a few. Different emotions are expressed through various genres such as singing, dancing, acting and instrumentals.