Performers that were selected at the auditions were taken to the boot camp that was held in Aasvoelberg Outdoor Centre at Zastron, from the 14th to the 18th of July 2014.

An environment of fun, hard work, learning and creativity was created for all performers at Coming Home Boot Camp. They were divided into groups of five and were given different challenges everyday throughout the duration of the boot camp. The purpose of working in groups was to test the artistic strengths and weaknesses of the performers based on attitude, commitment, team work, executing goals set before them and the willingness to explore all avenues in order to deliver exceedingly great performances.

The young performers were in for a gruelling time but also for a time of learning and grooming from a team of professionals that were present at the boot camp.

Badda Pictures is investing in nurturing young talent in order to reap of the best performers, not only for Coming Home, but also all future productions.

All activities that took place at the boot camp will be broadcast at and other social media platforms.

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